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Wrigley Field 1914-2014 History Moments

"Wrigley Field History Moments" is a documentary celebrating to 100 year birthday of Wrigley Field.

It's available for free with amazon prime.

It's a fairly paint by the numbers Wrigley field documentary. As a 20 year Cubs fan, maybe five percent of the facts it presented were new to me. It has some cool history, but leaves out the deeper cuts of interesting trivia (like no mention of the bears playing there). It's more of a Cubs retrospective.

Pat Hughes hosts and narrates, which is an excellent touch. As he goes through the different phases of the Cubs franchise, you almost get a sense like his a professor lecturing and showing slideshows. As I think of it more now, he's basically teaching the first session of Cubs History 101, if such a class existed.

It's a bit long, but worth a watch, if you are a Cubs fan. Non Cubs fans will start looking at their watch after an hour. There are some interesting historical aspects presented from the 1930s and earlier. But then the second half of the movie jumps into 1969 and playoff teams from that point on, and it is all stories that pretty much every Cubs fan knows. Again, it's paint by numbers. It is worthwhile for Cubs fans to watch once. I give it a 6/10.


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