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Winter Wonderland at Wrigley Field

You may have heard that Wrigley Field is hosting a Winter Wonderland in addition to its normal Christkindl Market this year. For $5, you can walk around on Wrigley Field and experience a winter carnival of sorts. Guess what? It is all kinds of awesome. Tina and I checked it out last week. I liked it so much I went back with my wife this past weekend.

Outside the stadium in Gallagher Way is the Christkindl Market. Half food, half goods, it's a fun place to walk and shop. Lots of fantastic European food had us snacking about so we could try everything. Hot chocolate, cider, raclette, crepes, brats, and donuts were a few of the items we would try. I enjoyed every bite of food I had. (Tina here - Pronk totally inhaled that delicious cronut!)

Once you get into the stadium, you are greeted by lots of trees and baseball/Christmas themed decorations. You circle around the third base side and in through the center field bleachers, and welcome to Christmas themed Wrigley Field! It is very nicely done and magical. You and your friends can even rent a cabana and have a private party!

There are a couple of low-key kids rides, ice skating, slides, and a train that circles around the infield (additional tickets needed for games and rides). There are a few picture opportunities, some baseball themed carnival games, and a giant baseball I dubbed "the love ball." We took in the atmosphere, and didn't partake in any of the direct activities. For a $5 entry, getting to walk and catch up on Wrigley Field grounds was completely worth it. We did, however, partake in the s'mores station, two propane fired troughs with a pre-made smores kit.

Going back on a Friday during the daytime, it was slightly less glowly but overall the same experience. It's nice to go when there aren't massive crowds. It's also nice to go at night and see lights in full blast. Theoretically, it's also nice to go when it is warmer. On the Friday visit, there were snow flurries that added to the ambiance.

If you are looking for a loosely baseball themed Christmas activity, Winter Wonderland will definitely scratch the itch. It's a great way to spend a few hours with loved ones and friends. Eat some good food, get some good drinks, and take in a very creative Christmas environment.


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