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Non-Cubs Wrigley Memories: Touring Wrigley in 2013

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Non-Cubs Wrigley Memories is a series where Cubs DNA team attends an event at Wrigley Field that is not a Cubs game.

In 2012, a Christmas gift from my sister was 2 tickets to tour Wrigley field during an off day in April. As it would turn out, the tour would get rescheduled due to a rain delay taking over our tour day. When rescheduling, my wife and I chose June 5th, our anniversary. And it was a great anniversary indeed.

This tour took place in 2013, right before all the renovations to Wrigley Field began. A lot of my photos are surprisingly outdated now, as video boards, flagpoles, and other signage is now up.

Here are the majority of my pictures from that day!

Some fun tidbits from the tour:

-The Cubs clubhouse was tiny. It wasn't surprising that there was a boombox incident in 2014

-The visitors clubhouse was even worse. My middle school gym locker room was nicer.

-We got to visit the press box, and see the field from the same spot as Haray Caray, Jack Brickhouse, Ron Santo, Len Kasper, and Pat Hughes.

-We did get to go down to the field. I didn't get to run the bases but they let us walk around behind home plate area.

-There was a photo in the press booth of a guy doing a ski jump at Wrigley

If you ever want to to on a tour of Wrigley Field, tickets are available here


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