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Iowa Cubs Weekend: June 2022

This past summer, I got to spend a 3 day weekend in Des Moines Iowa, and take in a few Icubs games. After having a good visit in 2021, I wanted my wife to experience it as well, so we went for our anniversary. This was a trip to try new things, so we sat in different sections, tried different food and drinks, and tried to have a comprehensive Iowa Cubs experience. And we did!

We spent a 3 day weekend in Iowa, attending games on Friday night, then Saturday and Sunday afternoon. There were some good concessions specials and promos happening throughout the weekend. On Saturday, they let fans play catch on the field, which we got to partake in. Hanging out in left field, we got to see the restaurant wall up close and personal. I also won one of their social media giveaways, a demon bobblehead. Demon? Technically a Demonio, or their Hispanic heritage alternate uniform.

Beyond that:


Beer bats were back! I finally got my hands on one, and it was glorious. Well...until I got 3/4ths done. Then I had a warm tube of beer that I had to hold upright or spill it, but it was worth it. They sold them in the concession stand for $20, and then fill ups were $10. The craft beer stand was up and active with nearly 60 different regional beers to try.

It was a hot weekend, so vodka lemonades were a hit. Vendors walk all over with lemonade, cherry lemonade and blue raspberry, for $12. They are satisfying.


Once again, the left field lounge was the winner on food. The other concessions are good enough, but I'm not one to settle when for $5, I can get a free drink, amazing bathrooms and significantly better food. I got burgers and nachos, and they were fantastic. Principal Park has restaurant grade food in that lounge, and it is absolutely worth it. It's hard to write more words when few will do, but the food offerings are great, but you need to head to the left field betting lounge.


The Iowa Cubs have something happening every half inning. I love baseball, but admittedly, it isn't for everyone. There was some kind of game, video, or cool thing happening literally every half inning, which keeps the pace up for those bored by the sport. Just a few of those offerings include:

  • A gun that shoots hot dogs into the crowd

  • T-shirt cannon

  • Interactive races on the video boards

  • Traditional Hispanic dancers on the dugout roofs

  • Military salutes to service

  • Fan cams: kiss cams, dance cams, emoji cams, driving cams

I'm forgetting half of it as well. The Iowa Cubs turn the game into an experience for everyone, and it's a great cost effective entertainment for even non-sports people.

Was driving 4 hours through cornfields to spend 3 days in Iowa, taking in back to back to back MiLB baseball games worth it? Yes, absolutely. Chicago Cubs fans should make that road trip at least once in their lives. It's an alternate view of baseball that is uniquely different than MLB, but just as fun. I HIGHLY encourage a visit!



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