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The Coolest Cubs Holiday Gift I Ever Got

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Hey! So the holidays are upon us, and we thought it'd be fun to talk about our favorite Cubs-related gift we've ever gotten around this time of year. Whether it came from a loved one or was randomly left by some fat guy in a red suit under our tree, here are some of our favorite Cubs gifts we've ever gotten for the holidays!


In 2016 after the Cubs won the World Series, I had already bought myself a World Champions shirt, jacket, hat and all the other stuff that was available for purchase at the time. The one thing I didn't have, though, was a jersey. But which player to get? The World Series MVP Ben Zobrist? Kris Bryant? Jon Lester? My husband, a Yankees fan who is far more familiar with his team winning than I was at the time, found the perfect answer to my question when this showed up under the tree:

Yeah, Schwarbs... atta boy, indeed. :)


I've gotten a lot of cool stuff over the years. A Cubs coat, a Sammy Sosa jersey, a custom Cubs jersey with my name and number on it. Tickets to the Cubs convention, autographs, cards and collectibles. Thinking through this, it's a tough question, because since my entire family knows I'm a die hard fan, I usually get something cool every year.

The same coat players would wear in the dugout!


Hubby and I don't buy each other presents anymore (yeah, we're that non romantic couple who have been together forever), but when the Cubs made it to the World Series, he bought me tickets to Game 2 in Cleveland for my birthday and for Christmas. Best. Present. Ever.


It might not be my most favorite present but the most ironic present is when I got an Obvious Shirt last year. I talked some crap about the shirts in the past, mainly because Bert went full corporate shill for them (lol) but also because I think they're a little overpriced. I have to say, I LOVE the shirt. It's extremely comfortable, and Woody is My Favorite Cub. I will say I still think the shirts are overpriced, but I love mine. I also have a World Series hoodie, and KB bobble. My favorite though, is my brick from Wrigley Field. I think it's so cool!


Mine isn't a holiday gift (how could I possibly pick between something my mom gave me vs. something a CubsDNA secret santa gave me???). Instead it's the framed Cubs Worlds Series newspaper cover that was given to me by my Chicago friends at my going away party in 2017. This one ended up being extra special because 80 percent of my Cubs stuff was stolen by my movers, but since this gift was a last minute edition, I couldn't pack it and instead it drove with me across country. It was the only thing hanging on my wall for the months while I waited and waited for my moving truck to arrive in California. I've since moved back home to Delaware and it was also the first thing I hung up here too :) It reminds me of the all my Chicago friends and the incredible time it was to live in the city.


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