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Steve's Hall Of Fame Ballot

Derek Jeter pic courtesy of the NY Times

In the past, I used to be against steroid players getting into the Hall of Fame. I have since changed those views as I have come to realize baseball players have been taking drugs to improve their performance for decades (players took amphetamines (otherwise known as "greenies") in the 70's and 80's). It's also difficult for me to exclude them because baseball did nothing about the problem until the mid-2000's. The home run chase of 1998 (fueled by steroids) help saved the game of baseball after the disastrous strike of 1994. If Bud Selig (baseball commissioner during the Steroid Era) can be inducted into the HOF then so can the players in my opinion.

Having said that, here are the players that I think should go into the HOF this year in alphabetical order.

Barry Bonds (2nd in WAR among position players, baseball's home run king)

Roger Clemens (1st in WAR among pitchers)

Derek Jeter (48th in WAR among position players, one of the most iconic players in baseball)

Scott Rolen (61st in WAR among position players)

Curt Schilling (20th in WAR among pitchers)

Larry Walker (68th in WAR among position players)


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