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Round Robin: Our HOF bracket

Pic: National Baseball Hall of Fame

Now that the MLB Hall of Fame 2020 inductees have been announced, let's take a look at who our Cubs DNA staffers would've elected had we been the ones voting! Since 75% is needed for entry, five out of six of our Cubs DNA writers will have to select a candidate for entry into the hall of fame.

The Candidates:

Bobby Abreu:

Josh Beckett:

Heath Bell:

Barry Bonds: Pronk, Steve

Eric Chávez:

Roger Clemens: Pronk, Steve, AssMatt

Adam Dunn:

Chone Figgins:

Rafael Furcal:

Jason Giambi:

Todd Helton:

Raúl Ibañez:

Derek Jeter: Pronk, Staci, Brooke, Steve, Tina, AssMatt

Andruw Jones:

Jeff Kent:

Paul Konerko:

Cliff Lee:

Carlos Peña:

Brad Penny:

Andy Pettitte:

J.J. Putz:

Manny Ramírez:

Brian Roberts:

Scott Rolen: Steve, AssMatt

Curt Schilling: Pronk, Brooke, Steve

Gary Sheffield: Pronk, AssMatt

Alfonso Soriano:

Sammy Sosa: Pronk, AssMatt

José Valverde:

Omar Vizquel:

Billy Wagner: AssMatt

Larry Walker: Staci, Brooke, Steve, Tina, AssMatt

As fate would have it, our writers were pretty consistent with what the BBWAA came up with and would've had the same outcome. So, a hearty congratulations to Derek Jeter and Larry Walker! You are also in our 2020 Cubs DNA Hall Of Fame!

Pic: CNN


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