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Minor League Monday: Ballpark Safety

In 2020, the minor league season was cancelled. As the pandemic was just starting, we weren't sure exactly how coronavirus is transferred and how infectious it was. A year later, we have a better idea, and minor league baseball is back. Today, I want to run through some of the safety guidelines that the affiliates are running through to ensure everyone has a great and healthy time at the ballpark this year:

The Pelicans have a full PDF with details! It's so specific, it even lists out "more frequent public announcements" as a mitigation effort. Very detailed!

There's a full typical mask policy. The Pelicans have also expanded a cashless concession service to help reduce contact. There's typical social distancing and staggered entry policies in place as well.

Tickets are now for sale!

South Bend has a few policies listed on their website.

Regarding masks:

All guests two years or older and South Bend Cubs staff will be required to wear a face covering at all times, unless you're actively eating or drinking while seated. Face coverings should fully cover your mouth and nose and fit snugly against the sides of your face so there are no gaps.

To ensure physical distancing at Four Winds Field, we're implementing limited-capacity seating for the start of the 2021 season. Additional details will be available in the coming weeks. Visual markers, signage and queue lines will be in place throughout the stadium to ensure physical distancing compliance, facilitate traffic flow and prevent congestion in high-traffic areas. Additional ballpark policies may be implemented. Those updates will be posted at here.

South Bend has always been known for the fan centric environment. I'm curious what they do to keep things loose and fun!

Tickets now on sale!

Tennessee Smokies:

The Smokies haven't made much in the way of announcements. As of right now, the only thing on their website is this:

"To begin the 2021 season, one seat will be left vacant between parties in the seating bowl and bleacher seating will now be general admission seating." I anticipate seeing more once ticket sales are open.

Tickets on sale: April 24th

Iowa Cubs:

Des Moines is home to the Iowa Cubs. While they have remained fairly low in terms of positivity rates, there hasn't been much announced by the team in terms of official policy. Just this so far:

"In an effort to remain flexible with changing protocols and potential increased capacity opportunities, the opportunity to purchase tickets for the remaining home games will be offered at a later date. Fans can expect a cashless ballpark and new health and safety protocols, including metal detectors at all entrances at Principal Park this year."

Sounds a lot like what they are doing at Wrigley. Unfortunately, there isn't much specifics known yet. More to come, likely when tickets are on sale.

Tickets on sale: April 24th



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