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Love Letters From Pronk: Pedro Strop

Pedro Strop,

You were one of the Cubs' most reliable RPs for years. For 7 years, you were solid and consistent for the north side. That 2.90 ERA in mostly high leverage situations carried the team. You were the guy, the reliable one. Always taking care of high leverage situations and taking care of the critical 8th inning. Whenever someone was needed to close the door in the late innings, you were there to slam it shut.

Hats to the left!

You had such a strong presence. Usually relievers are a dime a dozen, onto a team, and off again soon enough. Short shelf life. 7 years you've been here, largely in part to your personality. The hats to the left was fun. The dancing. The constant joy. Then there is the swagger.




Also, you are totally ripped. Mind sharing your secret?

I am Jealous.

Father time always catches up, and I will miss you in the Cubs bullpen. One of my favorite relievers ever. I'm just grateful we've gotten to enjoy you for 7 years.




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