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Kayaking With Anthony Rizzo

As some of you may know I am a huge kayaker. I set annual paddling mileage goals of hundreds of miles, have a garage full of boats, and Admin a Facebook group of paddlers; the Northern Illinois Canoe & Kayak Club or N.I.C.K. I love to paddle. It's fantastic exercise that takes you to a side of nature very few ever get to see. It is a fun hobby, but can also be a very cathartic experience.

In mid June, some of my paddling buddies went out for a trip on the Chicago River. I've never done it, as the lack of nature and constant speedboat traffic is a big turn off for me. Someday I'll get there, but I wish I went this day. A group of 20+ from my group all went on a trip together. They launched from a downtown REI and circled around for a couple hours.

As my buddies were wrapping up their trip, they passed by a boat called the ARRIZZO. Interested, they got a little closer and you can guess who sticks their head out.

It's Kevin Rizzo's master!

The one and only Anthony Rizzo. The rest of the group paddled on, missing out. But a few of them just happened to be in the right place in the right time. They went over and talked with Anthony for a few minutes. He was friendly, even holding their paddles for a moment so they could get the selfie of a lifetime.

Once again, Anthony Rizzo proves to be the fan favorite. He is so friendly that he'll stop playing with his brand new boat to meet with fans. He made some lucky fans' day. Can you imagine being out for a paddle and running into the Chicago Cub legend?

I can't lie, I am super jealous. I wish I was there. Oh well, maybe lightning will strike twice. Thank you Sharon Thierfelder for sharing your story with me and for providing the great photos.


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