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Beloit Sky Carp

For my anniversary weekend, my wife and I decided to take in a new slice of minor league baseball. We returned to Beloit, Wisconsin to see the recently rebranded Sky Carp at their new ABC Supply Stadium. When we last visited in 2021, the team was about to leave their old stadium, which I'll be polite and call it a high school grade ballpark. Exciting changes are afoot, and I'm glad a I got a chance to check it out!

The Sky Carp play in Beloit, WI, a small town off the Rock river, just over the IL WI border. Beloit is about 30 minutes north of Rockford. ABC Supply stadium is located near the downtown. There's plenty of free street parking, or you can park at the lot next to the stadium for $5.

The park itself is very nice. It is very clean and has lot of good amenities, while still maintaining a small town feel. There's lots of new gaudy ballparks out there that just overwhelm the senses or aren't designed well. ABC isn't one of those. ABC has a nice open air feel to it. No bad seats, lots of open sky. Food and restrooms are easy to get to.

Food was good! Par for the course, I tried to eat and drink as many different things as I could. The day's intake included:

  • Bratchos: nachos infused with bratwurst slices. Pickled relish and cheese on top. A simple yet crazy variation on classic nachos.

  • Beverage Bat: Buy 'em in the gift shop for $16, and then fill them up with any drink in the park. Personally, I'm not a fan of the DIY aspect, but that's splitting hairs.

  • Hot Dog: A staple. Well done!

  • Burnt ends sandwich: A BBQ sandwich comprised of my favorite parts. Very good!

  • Frozen old fashioned: located in the Deck Deck Goose bar, this was an excellent frozen adult beverage.

Overall, great food that I pigged out on all day long. My favorite part of baseball.

Beyond that, there was a good baseball game being played. A couple of dingers were exciting, even if the SKy Carp's homer song is the same as the Cubs (Whoomp there it is). We sat along the first base side, back row. This was an intentional choice, as I was hoping to avoid cooking during an afternoon game. No bad seats in the new park, so I still saw everything! The crowd was really into the game, which added to the fun.

Overall, I was very impressed with the rebranding of baseball in Beloit. The Sky Carp are a great team with a solid new park. Another fun slice of MiLB, and I'm glad I visited.



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