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Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation: Stepping up to the Plate in the Coronavirus Crisis

I've previously written about how awesome the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation (ARFF) is here and here. The ARFF does great things for kids with cancer with Anthony himself going to visit what seems like hundreds of sick kids each year. It's a wonderful and inspiring cause.

Since the Coronavirus/COVID19 has taken hold of the USA, the ARFF has shifted its priorities to providing food for hospital staff from local restaurants. It's a double play (sorry, I had to)! The overworked nurses, doctors, and other staff members get a solid meal, and local restaurants, hurting from shutdowns, get a big sale and live to fight another day. They've been providing meals to local Chicago hospitals (as well as hospitals in Rizzo's native Florida) for what seems like a daily basis for weeks now. Furthermore, Rizzo has stepped up as a community leader and has been encouraging people to unite.

The power of a good meal (particularly in times of chaos) cannot be under estimated. In my insane overnight kayaking trips, I always plan a solid dinner for the end of the day, because that sizzling tasty meat on a fiery grill is enough of a mental boost to motivate me push through 20 miles of paddling. When I'm having a terrible week at work, a Chipotle burrito can be enough to lift my spirits and get the train back on the tracks. With these hospital staff members, I can only imagine the mental toughness required to be on the front lines. Uncertainty about when the sick will overwhelm the system, seeing death on a daily basis, working insane hours are among many other challenges. Food might not solve all problems, but some tasty ribs from Carson's might just give them the edge to get through this thing. Furthermore, this is also helping a lot of local restaurants, who've had to limit operations severely. If these places go under, there will be hundreds of people who will lose their jobs.

I encourage you to follow ARFF on social media, because it is inspiring. Anthony has won the Roberto Clemente award in 2017. He gets my vote for 2020.


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