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Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation

A while back, I wrote about the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation. During some of the follow up of that article, one of my contacts alerted me to this fantastic video that ARFF put out to help explain what they do and what Anthony Rizzo's presences means. It's fantastic, please give it a watch. And grab some tissues.

There's an important reason I'm sharing all of this with you today. The Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation recently updated their website. An exciting new venture for this year is the RIzzo Home Run Challenge, where you can donate a certain amount per every home run Anthony hits! (as if I needed another reason to root for him).

Per their website:

"You can be a part of the 2020 Cubs season by getting involved and making every home run count. Family, friends and fans can pledge any dollar amount for each home run Anthony hits during the 2020 season. Every time Anthony hits a home run, not only will the team benefit so will kids and families battling Cancer. Members of #TeamRizzo will receive exclusive Foundation benefits including the opportunity to purchase Foundation event tickets and merchandise before the general public.

$5 per home run- Exclusive #TeamRizzo member benefits

$10 per home run- Exclusive #TeamRizzo member benefits and a #TeamRizzo custom Nike Drawstring bag

$25 per home run – Exclusive #TeamRizzo member benefits and a #TeamRizzo custom Nike Duffle Bag

$50 per home run – Exclusive #TeamRizzo member benefits, #TeamRizzo custom Nike Duffle Bag and an autographed photo

$100 or more per home run– Exclusive #TeamRizzo member benefits, a #TeamRizzo custom Nike Duffle Bag and an autographed bat Join us for the Home Run Challenge and help us knock cancer out of the park."

That's a heck of a satisfying way to pick up a Rizzo autograph. While I'm hoping to meet Anthony in person so I can tell him how great he is to his face and get his auto then... this is a solid plan B to add his autograph to my collection of 2016 world champs.

Way to go Anthony!


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