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Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Coors Field

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Take Me Out to the Ball Game is a CubsDNA series where our staff visits other ball parks . Today, Pronk takes you on a tour in Coors Field in Denver.

In September of 2017, my wife planned an awesome trip to Colorado for my 30th birthday. We were flying out of Denver on a Sunday night, and realized the Rockies were playing the Padres at 1:20pm. We could totally go to a game and still make it to the airport in time. So we did!

Coors Field is a beauty. It is a very clean and crisp park. The design is modern, accessible, and just a joy to be at. It helped that the weather was fantastic at the start. Parking was easy. We got there over an hour early so we could tour around. I took a bunch of pictures of the grounds. They don't really do the park justice.

One of the most noticeable things about the park (compared to Wrigley Field) is the food. They had a ton of customization food options there. Make your own pizza being the highlight. I thought I grabbed more pictures of this stuff, but apparently only grabbed 2.

We sat in left field, as I was hoping to catch a home run. We saw former Cub Matt Sczczur play the outfield for the Padres, so that was kind of cool. I wore my Bryzzo jersey, and got a couple of compliments. One of the ushers came over. He was a retired guy from Chicago who moved out to Colorado to be with his grandkids. He'd then work part time at Coors to keep out of trouble. Super friendly guy.

Around the 5th inning, some afternoon clouds rolled in, and it began to storm. We ducked for cover along the foul lines, as the outfield is completely exposed. The afternoon mountain rain came down very hard.

Rain Delay being sardined in.

The delay went on for 45 minutes and wasn't letting up. We realized that by the time they resumed and finished the game, we'd likely be late for our flight. I made the call to leave early and not chance it. Bummer, but we felt like we got to experience what Coors had to offer. It was a great experience.

If you are ever in Denver, I HIGHLY recommend a game at Coors Field. I loved it.


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