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Series Review: Cubs vs White Sox

The Cubs played a home series against the White Sox. It did not go so well.


Friday 8/21:

Cubs Lose 10-1

Jon Lester made some mistakes, and the Sox punished each and every one. Cubs pitching gave up 6 home runs. It was not fun to watch and I don't want to think about it anymore.

Saturday 8/22:

Cubs lose 7-4

Another tough loss. Kyle Hendricks was decent, but the Cubs bullpen gave up four runs in the last two innings. Wick and Underwood had issues. Happ, Contreras and Caratini had RBIs.

Sunday 8/23:

Cubs Win 2-1

Yu Darvish shut down the Sox bats. 7 innings and 10 strikeouts while giving up just 1 run will do it. Jeffress got the save in a nail biter.

Kyle Schwarber hit a two run homer, and that was enough.

There were no Sparklespants this weekend, as the USPS struggles to deliver them to AssMatt.

The Cubs are now 17-10, 3 games up on the Cardinals.


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