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MLB Awards Predictions 2019

It is awards season for major league baseball. Voted on after the regular season (no postseason boost), these awards are announced the week of November 11th. a top 3 has already been announced, with the final winners being announced as follows:

Nov. 11, 2019 Jackie Robinson Rookies of the Year

Nov. 12, 2019 Managers of the Year

Nov. 13, 2019 Cy Young Awards

Nov. 14, 2019 Most Valuable Player Awards

All winners will be announced on MLB network.

The Candidates


Mike Trout (LAA)


AL CY Young:

NL CY Young:

Hyun-Jin Ryu (LAD)

AL Rookie of the Year:

John Means (BAL)

NL Rookie of the Year:

AL Manager of the Year: Rocco Baldelli (MIN), Aaron Boone (NYY) and Kevin Cash (TB)

NL Manager of the Year: Craig Counsell (MIL), Mike Shildt (STL) and Brian Snitker (ATL)



AL MVP: Alex Bregman in a coin flip. Bregman and Trout really are neck in neck in most big stats. I think this goes to the best player on the better team. Astros were the powerhouse, Angels never really made a run.

NL MVP: Cody Bellinger. Mainly because of how the Dodgers cleaned up the NL in the regular season. He's the best player on the best team. Yelich has too few RBIs and played for a worse team. Rendon might steal it because of how he held up the Nationals after Harper left.

AL Cy Young: Gerrit Cole in a photo finish. 1 more win, 26 more strikeouts and .08 lower ERA than Verlander. It could easily go either way. Verlander has reputation on his side, but I think this is Cole's year.

NL Cy Young: Jacob deGrom. His ERA is just behind Ryu, and has Ryu beat in other stats. Plus he's got

reputation, where Ryu was more of a flash.

AL ROY: Yordan Alvarez. an OPS over 1.000 makes him the easy favorite.

NL ROY: Pete Alonso. 53 Home Runs and 120 RBi make him a shoe in. Easiest award to predict.

AL Manager: Rocco Baldelli. Easy. The Twins went from a 78 win to a whopping 101 wins and division title. Rays went from 90 to 96, and the Yankees are always good.

NL Manager: Brian Snitker by a nose. Milwaukee actually got worse this year, eliminating Counsell. Shildt has benefit of taking a has been Cardinals team to a central title, but that was more because the Cubs choked and the Brewers went limp. The Braves took control of a division that included much stronger competition in the Phillies and Nationals. Even the Mets weren't half bad.


AL MVP: The Fish. He never seems to get the respect he should.

NL MVP: Rendon. He came up big when his team needed him.

AL Cy Young: Cole. What a dominant year he had.

NL Cy Young: Hottie deGrom.

AL ROY: Alvarez. Easy.

NL ROY: Alonso. Also an easy pick, tho I still find it hard to think of someone with this man bod as a rookie.

AL Manager: Baldelli.

NL Manager: Snitker.


AL MVP: Alex Bregman. If the Fish hadn't missed the last month of the season with an injury he'd be a lock, but he did, so Bregman will take it.

NL MVP: Cody Bellinger. Yeah, he petered out a bit in the 2nd half, but he still finished with an overall higher WAR than both Rendon and Yelich by most measures. Like Trout, Yelich's injury will cost him this one.

AL Cy Young: Gerrit Cole. The unemployed former Astro should take this one easily.

NL Cy Young: Hyun-Jin Ryu. Blake Snell showed last year that innings no longer matter to Cy Young voters, and Ryu was dominant for most of the season.

AL ROY: Yordan Alvarez, easily.

NL ROY: Pete "Polar Bear" "Dad Bod" Alonso. No contest here.

AL Manager: Kevin Cash. Cash managed a team with no big names and one SP (Snell was injured most of the year) to a wild card slot in a division with the Yankees and Red Sox. I think he'll take it.

NL Manager: I'm also writing in Davey! (But Schildt will probably win.)


AL MVP: It should always be Trout but somehow (again) it won't be. Bregman gets it this year.

NL MVP: I think Bellinger wins. Him and Yelich both had great seasons but I think how the Brewers played after Yelich's injury hurts him in the votes.

AL Cy Young: This is Cole's to lose. He dominated this season.

NL Cy Young: I think deGrom wins. Leads in WAR, had a great ERA to almost match Ryu, and struck guys out.

AL ROY: Alvarez and it won't be close.

NL ROY: Alonso should win this one easily due to the numbers he put up. Tatis Jr. would have made a case but his injury shortened season hurts him (pun intended).

AL Manager: I think Boone wins this. His team fought injuries the entire year and still won the AL East.

NL Manager: This is the one category where the selections bombed. Davey should be nominated due to his team being so far behind and coming back to win a wildcard spot. The Cardinals improved a tiny bit, the Brewers took a step back. The Braves improved by seven games so I think Snitker wins.


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