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Minor League Monday: What's the Funniest Minor League team?

In the minor leagues, you can get away with some goofiness that the big leagues can't. When I was a kid, I named all my fantasy baseball teams the "Lugnuts" after the then Cubs affiliate, the Lansing Lugnuts. The Lugnuts were good for many laughs with a high schooler's maturity level. But today, I want to play off the idea of funny minor league teams and give you a deeper dive into some of the silliness. Here is my top ten!

First off, we have a sentient biscuit from Montgomery. Every time you take a bite, he screams. His screams pierce my dreams. GOOOOOO BISCUITS!

In Richmond Virginia, we have one of my favorite animals: the Flying Squirrel. This awesome name came about from a "name the team" contest in 2009. Awesome pick.

Did you know that apples sometimes wear tin helmets? It's a thing, trust me. In Fort Wayne Indiana, their apples wear Tin Caps. I'd buy that for a dollar.

You know what's more badass than owls? That's right. OWLS WITH A Z or "OWLZ." Orem had a great idea that, let's be honest, would be a fantastic replacement name for the Cleveland Indians.

I don't know what a cornbelter is. Even though my home state of Illinois is 90% cornfields, I've never heard the term. But it must be a thing. A belt made of corn?

As a huge fan of The Simpsons, I'm pleased to report that the show brought the Isotopes into real life.Yes, there is a real life Albuquerque Isotopes team.

What do you call a dog that plays in the Muck? If you guessed Muckdogs, then you are right. It's a thing.

What's everybody's favorite childhood toy that would also make for a fantastic mascot? If you guessed Rubber Ducky, you are 100% right. From Akron, we have the tough looking Rubber Ducks.

You know, this list is Bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. And do you know where the best Bananas are from? That's right! Savannah. They are so tasty that we were given the Savannah Bananas.

After nine entries, I hereby give you my favorite. to quote the best batman quote ever: "YOU WANNA GET NUTS? LET'S GET NUTS. Also, insert deez nuts jokes here.

One more for the road. Ever wonder what the Taco Bell dog looks like with 'roid rage?


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