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Down On the Farm: Minor League Merchandise

Down on the Farm is an ongoing series where we conduct a deep dive with the minor league affiliates. We will interview coaches, players, and executives to gain access to some of the cool stories that ESPN would never touch. Sometimes fun, sometimes informational, we aim to give you the full minor league experience. Today, we take a look at some of the merchandise from the five Cubs minor league affiliates.

When talking with each of our minor league affiliates, I've asked each one what we can do to support them in the face of COVID-19 and contraction. The first thing that comes out of everybody's mouth is "Well, we've got a lot of cool apparel in our online stores." Yeah, it's a few bucks in a sale, but wearing their merchandise also helps make others aware of the minors, which is an intangible benefit.

I've shopped at a couple of their stores now, and had nothing but positive experiences. It's been a good find for some unique birthday, shower, mother's day and graduation presents. I'd like to share with you some of my finds so you can pull off some great gift giving, and update your wardrobe as well.

Eugene was the first location I bought from. They had my order to my doorstep in under a week, very impressive considering the infrastructural delays due to COVID-19.

Hockey Style Hoodies: The Emeralds have these really solid hoodies, which I can personally vouch for. Comfy and warm, they feature a hidden 3rd pocked inside the main pocket. I also like the hockey style lace up, as it lets my neck breath.

Hats: Eugene has a lot of cool hats. I love their Sasquatch logo, in all of its variations.

Myrtle Beach Pelicans: Pelicans Official Store

Like most affiliates, the Pelicans have a great store filled with lots of cool hats and shirts.

Hats: They've got a ton of cool hats. I love the America and Camouflage themed ones from this section. The use of baby blue and gold is fantastic looking as well!

Novelties: They've got a ton of baseball card team sets on the cheap. Very good gift ideas for the baseball card collector you might know. You can drop $30 and get someone special a ton of cards from the last decade.

South Bend Cubs: South Bend's Cubs Den

Video Board: Right now, the South Bend Cubs are running a promotion where you donate $10 to one of their charity partners, and they'll put a message up on their video board. I got a happy birthday message done for my wife. It's a perfectly unique gift idea for someone special.

Mood without Baseball Shirt: Because this is how we all feel with no baseball being played at the moment.

Tennessee Smokies: Locker Room

Novelties: cards with autographs: Another cool gift idea, which is also affordable. I'm not sure who the autograph is from, but it's a can't beat price for an awesome baseball card team set.

Hats: They've got a ton of cool hats. I love their use of red. That bear logo is pretty sharp.

The Iowa Cubs also got my order to me in under a week. They have the largest team store out of all the affiliates, likely because of their long relationship with the Cubs. There's a lot of Cubs stuff, but also some cool alternate gear for the Iowa Caucasus and their Demonios alter egos.

Kris Bryant Bobblehead: BOBBLEHEAD ALERT! I picked mine up at the convention. It's a great price for a cool bobblehead.

Shirts: They have a TON of cool shirts. You can spend an hour on their website, Just on the shirts. No joke.


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