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Atomic Pork Chops

With a title like that, I know I have your attention. On 7/24/21, I got to attend an Atomic Pork Chops baseball game at Northwestern Medicine Field. the Atomic Pork Chops or APC, is an alternate name for the Kane County Cougars, who were playing the Milwaukee Milkmen that evening. The Pork Chops would come out victorious, in a 5-4 nail biter.

My wife and I met up with a couple of friends, and we sat in the left field field section. We pulled our lawn chairs up to the edge, for a solid view of the game. There was a scenic fountain to our left, and the diamond to our right.

As always with baseball games, I was on a food mission. Part of the Atomic Pork Chop moniker is a special sandwich they made that evening, the Atomic Pork Chop sandwich. It's basically a grilled pork chop, dipped in a sauce and slapped on a bun. Pretty simple. You could have them dunk it in a jalapeno or serrano peppers sauce mix. I opted for serrano. It had nice bite. The meat was perfectly grilled. The bun was solid. It was a very simple sandwich, yet really well done. 8/10

I also had to get a hot dog, as it had just been too long since I last had a game dog. I opted to get their $4.75 jumbo dog, which could be fixed up with mustard, relish or ketchup. I opted for the first two topping, because I'm not a monster. It was a good hotdog. Juicy, firm, and tasty. 7/10

One of the newer perks that Northwestern Medicine Field has to offer is the craft beer cave. It's a climate controlled walk in fridge that has about 50 kinds of beer. It is found along the 3B dugout, a bit further back by the edge of the main grandstand. It's definitely worth a check.

I also opted for some ice cream. It was a hot summer night, so I cooled off with a helmet's worth of chocolate soft serve. It was good, not great. I think Wrigley's Oatly options have ruined me. I am becoming a food snob. 6/10

After the game, it was firework time. A good firework show helped round out the night pretty well.

Overall, it's always a good experience seeing the Cougars. It was a bummer seeing them not get an MILB deal during contraction, so ti's nice to see them up on their feet a little bit. Kane County is an easy place to get to that offers a lot of the fun of baseball without the inconveniences of the city. It's a good field, good games, and good food, helping scratch the baseball itch. I highly recommend it!


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