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A look back... on Jake Arrieta's Bod


Former Cubs Pitcher Jake Arrieta had an unbelievable 2015. He was a Cy Young winner with a no-hitter, who boosted a young Cubs team to the playoffs for the first time since 2008. How do you follow up that amazing year?

Companies took notice. In Spring of 2016, Saxx Underwear named Jake the Face of Saxx. Well.. this made the lady fan base very happy.

Look at these guns...

The day after he threw his 2nd no-hitter, Jake announced that he was also a spokesperson for Mizzen + Main, a men's clothing company. He certainly made those clothes look good.

Then in July, ESPN announced the athletes for its annual Body Issue. Guess who was the baseball representative that year?

Oh I barely recognized you without your clothes, Jake

This happened a lot





OK, where were we? Oh yes. The nekkids. Thus, on that glorious July day, Nekkid Jake was born. See guys, Pilates and kale juice does wonders!

As much as I love the nekkids, I chose this picture as my favorite Jake pic in 2016. Pitching in the World Series with his tremendous playoff beard, going 2-0 in his starts. I miss him as a Cub and appreciate all the fantastic pitching he did for the team. The nekkids were just icing on a fabulous 2016!

Addendum: He even makes old-fashioned golf clothes look great!


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