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Where were you when the Cubs won it all?

The Cubs DNA team shares where they were that fateful day 3 years ago, when the Cubs closed out game 7 of the 2016 world series and became champions for the first time in 108 years.

Steve: I was at my parent's house with my mom (a die hard Cubs fan), my dad, and my future wife (and also a fist size hole in the floor following Davis' 8th inning homer). When the ball hit Rizzo's mitt I kissed my future wife and then ran over and gave my mom the biggest hug. Definitely one of the best moments in my life.

Tina: I was at work, late, prepping for a meeting the next day. The game had already started, but I didn't want to leave, and I couldn't watch the game alone. I called my friends, and we made it into an impromptu watch party. When the last out was recorded, I was in shock. I was happy, ecstatic. But I still couldn't believe it. How do you prepare for something that good, when, in all your life, the Cubs couldn't get it done? I didn't believe it until I saw that we had won the World Series in print the next day. I may have cried about 4 times before 8 that morning.

Brooke: That evening I was working my part time job at Nike. I was MISERABLE. I just wanted to leave and go and watch the Cubs. The store was dead and all of us on the floor kept sneaking off and checking our phones and FINALLY I was let out. I grabbed an Uber because I was supposed to watch with my friends and Rajai Davis hit that homer while I was still riding. I got to the crazy crowded bar and everyone was in a sour mood and I just decided to walk home and watch on my own. So I watched the remainder at home with my dog and then we went up to Wrigley when they won. I ended up staying out that night til like 6 a.m. celebrating with random people and random friends that I met up with. No one wanted that night to end.

Matt: I was at home. My wife went to bed when Rajai Davis hit the homerun. She couldn't stand to watch it. I yelled so loud when Zobrist hit the double to LF line that it woke her up :) She stayed up and watched the end of the game, but she watched it upstairs and I watched it downstairs because I was so tense. After the final out she came downstairs and I was just standing there with tears in my eyes. I had gotten a small bottle of champagne prior to the World Series. I had it in my hand, just dumbfounded that it actually happened. I thought for sure that Bryant's throw was going to sail over Rizzo's head. Moments later our phones started buzzing from our neighbors down the street. Yes, in Houston, Texas we have neighbors who are Cubs fans, it's pretty great. We ended up down at their house and drank late into the night and ended with Apple Vodka shots. (side note, it's disgusting). Next morning was rough, but worth it. Ever since that night I've found I don't get super doom-bonery anymore because I finally saw one. The win gave me a whole new look at baseball. If they had lost I'd probably be a complete mental case.

James: At The Assembly in South Barrington. At the time, my wife and I attended midweek church services on Wednesday, and we didn't want to jinx the Cubs by skipping. We missed the first 3 innings or so, then as soon service was over, went to a fantastic burger bar. The place closed at 10pm, but they let us all stay late to watch the game. We were all screaming and on our feet when the final out was caught.

As we are driving home afterwords, there were fireworks going off everywhere. I wanted to go to a sporting goods store to get a shirt or hoodie, but the lines were already blocks long. Heh.

What a treasure of a memory.

Staci: I was at home in my living room, glued to the sofa with my then 7-year old kiddo and my husband. Hubby is a Yankees fan, and since they were well out of the mix by then (I think they lost the Wild Card game that year?), he had even put on a Cubs hat to help me root for my team... I suspect out of pity after Davis hit that home run. I vaguely remember falling on the floor in tears when that happened, so the pity was well-earned. When Rizzo caught that final throw from KB and pocketed the ball I still remember being in complete shock, crying, and the two of them enveloping me in a huge group bear hug. I stayed up as late as I could watching all of the post game coverage, and even now sometimes I still can't believe they actually won. But they did... people sometimes forget that.

Where were you when the Cubs won it all? Tell us below!


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