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The CubsDNA Definitive List of Hot Managers

Every year, NBC Sports reporter Craig Calcaterra writes up a list of the MLB's hottest managers. When the ladies of CubsDNA saw his list, we all thought he got so much so very wrong. How in the world did Joe Maddon, Dave Roberts and Davey Martinez rank soooo low? So we decided to make our own list. It's not JUST looks, but other factors make a guy "hot". Take a look and see if you agree.

1. Rocco Baldelli, Minnesota Twins

Calcaterra did get this one right. The rookie manager and 2019 Manager of the Year of the Minnesota Twins has everything going for him: looks, smarts, a great smile, and the best name.

High school pic courtesy of the Woonsocket Rocket Yearbook, Manager pic courtesy of the Minnesota Twins

Look at that sweet boy on the left. He sure does have that wholesome #sadKyle aura about him. According to Brooke, he also has those "Ryan Gosling eyes"! Swoon.

2. David Ross, Chicago Cubs

The new Cubs skipper comes in at #2. We think Rossy has aged well with the salt & pepper. We love his personality, his belly fire from his playing days and his laughter makes Brooke's mom's knees weak. (OK, we added that part, but mom does have a crush on Rossy!)

From his managerial announcement, courtesy of the AP

Grumpy & feisty Ross also gets bonus points.

3. Joe Maddon, LA Angels

Pic courtesy of the AP

Joe is a total silver fox and is better looking now than when he was in his playing days. He's that hipster grampa who loves his red wine and who can rock a pink t-shirt as well as his uniform. Plus, in 2010 he fought MLB and won the right to wear a hoodie while managing! A good manager knows the secret to looking calm, cool and collected during harrowing bullpen management! As long as he doesn't dye his hair again, he'll likely stay near the top of this list.

4. Davey Martinez, Washington Nationals

We're not homers, we swear, we call it like we see it. We can't help it that the Cubs hire good looking coaches and players. And Davey was seriously hot as a player. Perhaps the bad boy rumors made him hotter? We just don't see why Davey was ranked so low on Calcaterra's list. He may not be as swoon worthy as he was in his playing days, but he's still aging quite gracefully.

The 2019 World Series winning manager, courtesy of Getty

5. Dave Roberts, LA Dodgers

Roberts has those great blended, mixed raced features that make him look exotic. We should all wish we had his beautiful skin, and tho he no longer has the beard from his playing days, being beardless makes his dimples stand out more. He's the adorable man you'd take home to mom!

Player pic courtesy of the MLB, photo on right, courtesy of the AP

6. Mike Matheny, KC Royals

Matheny has classic handsome features - square jawed, nice smile, and a headful of hair you can run your hands thru. So why is he ranked so low? Cause he's still got that STL taint and that smug look that you can't wash off. It's our rules, so sorry if this offends.

Matheny at his managerial presser, courtesy of the KC Royals

7. Kevin Cash, Tampa Bay Rays

Pic courtesy of the Tampa Bay Times

Catchers are hot. Former catchers with a nice smile, good cheekbones and who can rock the salt and pepper? Sign us up!

8. David Bell, Cincinnati Reds

Pic courtesy of Getty

David Bell is an average looking man, but he shot up about 10 places on our list simply for being the one guy who would go after Clint Hurdle for his perpetual headhunting. Protecting your guys and yelling at Lint? Yeah, that's hot. He also has great hair.

9. Aaron Boone, NY Yankees

Like the selection of David Bell on our hottie list, the same goes for Aaron Boone for his Savages rant and ejection. A normally mild mannered guy getting into a good fight with the umps gives you bonus hottie points. Doesn't hurt that he's cute in a dad way.

Pic courtesy of ESPN

A final note from the ladies: So you're probably wondering why Babe Kapler isn't on the list? Well, we just don't find this hot... nor do we think sunning your bum is a smart move. However, if you do, he's all yours.


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