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Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Comerica Park

Take Me Out to the Ballgame is a Cubs DNA series where our staff visits other ballparks. Today, Tina takes you to Comerica Park in Detroit.

Road trip! A five hour drive from Chicago took us to Detroit to see the Cubs play a short 2 game series against the Tigers in August of 2018. Comerica is a nice ball park, which opened in 2000. Downtown Detroit is going thru a renaissance and the area around Comerica is generally safe to walk around, just use common sense, as in other big cities.

Comerica is very fan and family friendly and fans are generally nice (except that one girl 2 rows down who complained that I was cheering too loudly. Really?). I like to sit in the upper deck, so I can only comment on those seats, but as you can see, the view is pretty nice. But like other new ballparks, the seating up there is pretty steep. Thank goodness for hand rails! Although the Cubs split the series in Detroit, it was a fun time overall. It was also a good time to be acquainted with future Cub Nicholas Castellanos, who was an annoying base clogger in game 2.

The Tiger theme is everywhere!

There are tons of fun things to do inside the park. We went on the tiger carousel, took a ride on the Ferris wheel (where the cages are shaped like baseballs! ) and posed in giant helmets and in photo booths.

There are tons of good places to eat in the park and lots of choices, but what I remember most is the ice cream helmet. There is an ice cream stand near the carousel that sells the most delicious premium ice cream helmets for the same price as soft serve at other parks. You can have the peanuts & popcorn & Cracker Jacks, just gimme all the ice cream.

Comerica Park = good food, fair ticket prices, lots of fan & family fun!


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