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Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Angel Stadium

Take Me Out to the Ballgame is a Cubs DNA series where our staff visits other ballparks. Today, Tina takes you Angel Stadium in Anaheim.

I went to Angel Stadium in August 2017 when I was out there for business and stayed a half hour away from Anaheim. On my day off, I saw that the Angels were playing the Rangers. Whoo hoo! I got to see Mike Trout AND Adrian Beltre! As a bonus, Brooke was working in LA at the time and she drove out to catch the game with me! (How funny that we never met in Chicago, but ended up meeting in Anaheim!)

I got there early and walked around and looked at their display cases, which included their 2002 World Series trophy and the Rally Monkey! Also, their WS Roster included a 23 year old John Lackey and Bench Coach Joe Maddon!

Food-wise, it's as expensive than any ballpark I've been to. I think this box of mess was brisket & cheese over fries. It sounded appealing at the time, but people should just never have fries outside a proper restaurant. They just don't travel and keep more than 5 minutes. I also got an ice cream helmet and added the helmet to my little collection.

Views were good from the upper deck. Like at Dodgers Stadium, fans trickled in late and left early. That LA traffic is brutal. It was a good game - Beltre hit 2 home runs (!!), the late ex-Cub Luis Valbuena also hit a HR, and the game actually went into extra innings (we didn't stay, but the Rangers won 7-5 in 10). Unfortunately, we never saw Mike Trout hit; he ended up walking twice! I guess I'll have to catch him at another game!


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