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Diary of the Pup in the Stinky Cubs Jersey

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Hey guys. Cajun Beaux here. I was looking through my mom's phone and realized she has some really good photos of me from the Fall of 2016.

Day 1. September 16th, 2019: Mom, is looking at me funny and she's holding a Cubs shirt. She wears Cubs shirts ALL the time but this one looks smaller. Like my size.....

....Oh MOM! Apparently the Cubs clinched and now I have to wear this shirt EVERY DAY UNTIL THEY WIN IT ALL.

Day 22. October 8, 2016: Yes, I'm still in this shirt. And it's getting stinky BUT I LOVE STINKY CLOTHES!! The Cubs are in the National League Division Series and they are playing the San Francisco Giants. My favorite guy Travis Wood just hit a homer!!! I'm so excited!!!

Day 26. October 12th, 2016: I am exhausted but the Cubs won!! THEY ARE THE WINNERS!! Oh, wait! My Mom just told me they have to play AGAIN. This time against the Dodgers!

Day 29. October 15th, 2016: The Cubs just won game 1 of the National League Championship Series and this is feeling too easy. Plus, Mom keeps cooking me hot dogs to eat while we watch!

Day 36. October 22nd, 2016: Today my Mom's secret boyfriend CYLE is pitching and he is DOMINATING. The game finished so quickly and now we are out in the streets celebrating the win! It's so loud! Everyone is high fiving and horns are honking! My normal walks around the neighborhood are not usually this exciting!

Day 39. October 25th, 2016: Still wearing this stinky jersey because apparently the Cubs have to play AGAIN and this time it is the WORLD SERIES!! And I know it is a big deal because Mom's eyes got real watery while she explained it. Lester is on the mound tonight. He and Javy Baez both won the Co-MVP of the NLCS. These guys are the best. WE ARE GOING TO DO IT!!!

Day 40. October 26th, 2016: Well last night wasn't the best, but I'm not panicking yet. Tonight the guy that calls himself "The Snake" is pitching. I don't like snakes but I do like Jake. And he did it!! The Cubs won and now the series is tied!

Day 44. October 30th, 2016: I'm really excited because my Mom brought out all the toys that usually are up high on shelves so I can not play with them. Uh oh, she just got mad at me cuz I was just chilling with Rizzo in my mouth. Don't be mad Mom! So this could be the last day I wear this jersey because today is an elimination game. The Cubs have to win.

Day 47. November 2, 2016: Well the Cubs won both games with Lester and Arrieta on the mound. I didn't have any doubts!! Now we are here today for Game 7. This is the real last game, my mom promises me! Cubs just scored again and we now have a 6-3 lead. Chapman is in and he throws really fast so this should be easy.......

....for 17 minutes Mom cried and we went for a walk. We couldn't believe it. Was it all over?

Day 48. November 3rd, 2016: It's now Thursday because that game was super long because of a rain delay. When it's raining too hard the players can't play. But guess what it's not raining here in Chicago and WE WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!!

We are walking around Wrigley and it's such chaos! I have no idea who these people are! Everyone is taking pictures and cheering and hugging and it is so much fun.

Day 49. November 4th, 2019: I have been wondering why I am still wearing this jersey. It was supposed to come off after the Cubs won. But the Chicago Cubs and the city of Chicago have one last surprise. We get to celebrate all over again at the parade!

As all the floats passed by I noticed my favorite Travis Wood WAS NOT WEARING A SHIRT. That's when I knew TIME TO TAKE OFF THIS JERSEY!!! 49 days from the day they clinched til the day we watched the parade. IT WORKED!!



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