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Love Letters From Pronk: Thank You Letters

During the dumpster fire that has been many people's 2020, I wanted to take some time this Thanksgiving weekend to personally thank some people who made the year that much more bearable. My Cubs DNA buddies. When we aren't bringing you the best Chicago Cubs coverage around, we are making tons of inside jokes in our group chat that brings a smile to my face daily. In spite of the challenges of the year, working at Cubs DNA has been a much needed positive experience. I'd like to thank each and every one of you personally, and let the world know I think the best of each of you.

Brooke: Thank you for being a contributor and helping out when you could. I hope your travels and work continue to take you great places. Your tenacity is inspirational.

Caleb: Glad we found each other on twitter this year, and that you joined us. You are a joy to have in the team, and I'm impressed how seamlessly you slid into things here. Thanks for joining up!

Matt: You are funny, encouraging, and a great person to partner with. Thank you for all the graphic design work and video editing you've done for us this year. A+ quality every single time. Thank you for not being one of those stuck up creative types, but instead a true team player.

Michael: Thank you for being a part of things when you can. Your contributions are always solid. Thank you for helping me out with MLB.TV

Staci: Thank you for letting us have so much fun at your expense with regards to your day job. You are a good sport. You've brought great perspective to the blog, finding unbiased and insightful perspective to a number of hot button issues. You've gotten me to think outside my own box, and really put me in your shoes.

Steve: Thank you for joining me to visit Pat Hughes and being a part of that awesome memory. Thank you for your insight and wisdom, as your level headedness is a much bigger factor than most realize.

Tina: You've been a fantastic and flexible contributor. Thank you for all of the grunt work you've done to keep things rolling here day in and day out, no matter what's been happening with work. Thank you also for being the butt of many jokes, and for dishing it out just as well. You've got a great sense of humor.

To all of our fans and readers: Thank you for being a part of a successful first year of Cubs DNA. All of the positive comments have been fuel to us here to keep the passions of baseball burning despite the terrible circumstances of the year. Thank you for all of the advice, tips, and encouragement you've given us.

XOXO, Pronk

To reward all of you, I hereby proclaim a gift. In our Cubs DNA internal group chats, we typically photoshop each other's faces over photos to "ruin precious memories." So here's me in a leaked photo as Gavin Newsom's wife.


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