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Love Letters From Pronk: Taylor Davis

"Taylor Davis, it is your time" A phrase that he's had to hear many times as he's been shuttled back and forth between AAA and MLB. Now he'll hear it again today, as I write my love for him.

Dear Taylor Davis,

You are infectious. You have a wonderful beard that I am jealous of. But most of all, your stare pierces the hearts and souls of all:

"Whatchu talkin' 'bout?"

But more seriously, you are a fun contributor. There is something refreshing about the guy who knows his place and puts in max effort to being that little piece. There's something very telling about your Twitter bio, where you describe yourself as " Super utility player for the Chicago Cubs. #getbettertoday #livetobeclutch Better half of the beautiful @amberleighnoel #lucky ."

(Editor Brooke's note: Ummmm hello! Also the Hamilton Porter homage in his background pic!!!)

You aren't Bryzzo, or Javy, or any other big name. You are the 3rd string catcher, used in dire emergencies. In the grand scheme, you are a small piece of the puzzle. But you have heard the call, and have tried to be the best small puzzle piece you can be.

You won't be the guy to pinch hit in the 9th, or close out a clinching game. You are the guy forced in when injuries mount. The backup for the backup. There's not much glory in that. Glory doesn't matter to you, Taylor Doo. You've ridden the minor league bus for 629 games over 9 seasons. 420 games at AAA, so close to the show. All that for just 20 games over half a dozen stints at the big league level. You've caught, played the corners, and pitched a few times too. Whatever the team needs, you've been there and done your best.

Tay Tay, do you know what my favorite moment of the 2019 Cubs season was? May 4th. Those dreaded Cardinals are up 5-1 early, and the bullpen is warming up to keep them at bay. It's looking like a blowout, and my interest is beginning to wain. Baez and Bote get on, then Almora bunts them to second. Schwarber is intentionally walked to set up a double play for a "weak hitter." Little did Wacha know that you'd ambush the first pitch.

All of those minor league games and struggles and bus riding and bad food, all worth it for that one moment. On this day, the little scrap got his moment in the sun. It was so emotional, you hear Len Kasper's voice crack on the word "gone." I can't recall another time when his voice cracked like that. Not even when the Cubs won it all. It may have just been a ho-hum day game in May, but that day became special. A defining moment for someone with unmatched determination.

I will never forget that moment.

Thank You Taylor Davis,




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