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Love Letters From Pronk: Frank Schwindel

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Love Letters From Pronk is an ongoing series where Pronk shares his love for somebody connected to the Cubs. Sometimes funny, sometimes weird, Pronk likes to make 100% sure people know that they are loved, and best expresses that through gushing letters. Today's pick: Frank Schwindel

Frank Schwindel is a baseball player. A name we never thought we'd be talking about. After a good college career, he was an 18th round pick in 2013. He spent 8 years and nearly 850 games in the minors across the Royals, Tigers, and Athletics organizations. After a few cups of coffee with other teams, the Cubs picked him up in late July. After a week in AAA, he was called up to the majors to help fill the post-trade deadline gap, and he has absolutely raked.

In his first 16 games as a Cub, he's hit four home runs, en route to a .382/.414/.727/1.141 slash line. Those are Babe Ruth numbers. Now that's probably not going to last, but so far so good! As he gets some extended playing time in the majors for the first time in his life, maybe he has figured it out at age 29.


Dear Frank,

Welcome to the Cubs. Congratulations on your hot start. Your VERY hot start. Basically one month ago, you joined the organization as depth for a picked over AAA team. You got called up into a likely losing situation, replacing Cubs Legend Anthony Rizzo. But so far you are clearly making the most of your opportunity. I'm rooting for you.

I love seeing unknowns make a name for themself. Sometimes baseball players just figure it out, after years of struggles. Your minor league stats aren't really bad by any means, yet you unfortunately bounced around a bit. Maybe you just needed a little bit of consistent playing time to figure it out.

I am optimistic for your future on the North Side. I know you won't keep up the Ruthian numbers, but you may be good enough to start at 1B for the entirety of 2022. I hope that you continue to make the most of this audition, and that it springs you into the position of being a consistent MLB starter. Congrats again on your accomplishments. Way to hang tough. Keep it going and Chicago will soon be known as the Schwindy City.




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