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Love Letters from CubsDNA: Tyler Chatwood

Love Letters From Pronk is an ongoing series where Pronk shares his love for somebody connected to the Cubs. Sometimes funny, sometimes weird, Pronk likes to make 100% sure people know that they are loved, and best expresses that through gushing letters. This week, we're featuring special Love Letters from other members of Cubs DNA staff to celebrate Valentine's Day!

Dear Chatty,

I know it's been a rough couple of years with the Cubs, but I just want you to know that I never gave up on you and I believe you still have the stuff to be an important piece of the Cubs bullpen.

I will admit that there was one game in 2018 that you started that went so sideways that I said this out loud: I miss John Lackey and wish he was still around! (Sorry!) And then in 2019, I ended up going to 2 of your starts - and you really shined in those starts, as well as in a few of those long relief games later in the season. You were walking less batters, striking out more guys and getting them to ground out. I was like a proud mom!

Also, you can also swing the bat!

In reality, I'm a sucker for an underdog and just want our Cubbies to succeed. I used to call you my secret BF, but the cat jumped out of the bag this past season. My friends really get me- Pronk even got me an autographed picture of you at CubsCon last month!

Hope to see you again at Wrigley this season! I'll be cheering you on.




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