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King of the Chonks: Round 1 - Present Players

A few days ago, I introduced you to Chonks of the past. Here are the nominees for Present Chonks:

CC Sabathia vs Matt Albers

After 19 years in the MLB, this likely future HOF-er probably played his last game on 10/17/19 against the Astros. CC ranks #16 in strikeouts with 3093.

Matt Albers, now with the Brewbutts, had his best year with the Nats in 2017. He also, unfortunately, has a name that sounds like a certain beloved cartoon character. Hey hey hey!

Pablo Sandoval vs Trevor Cahill

Joe Maddon would have loved having the (Kung Fu) Panda on his team. In his career, Panda has played 1B, 2B, mostly 3B, C early in his career, and has even pitched twice (min. 1 IP). He was the Giants' World Series MVP in 2012 and earned his nickname from Barry Zito for this move as a rookie in 2008.

Trevor Cahill, most recently with the Angels (where he will be reunited with Joe!), was used primarily as a middle reliever when he was a Cub, and got his wish to start a few times when he was tasked to spot start a few games with Mike Montgomery, putting up some pretty decent numbers. Here, in his 1st game back from the DL, he threw 5 scoreless innings against the Brewbutts and had this defensive gem.

Willians Astudillo vs Ji-Man Choi

Willians Astudillo ("La Tortuga") became a cult hero in his rookie year in 2018 when video of him sprinting from 1st to home went viral. He endeared himself to fans with his reply, "I just wanted to show that chubby people also run." He's another player Joe would love - he's played every position so far in his young career (1 inning min.) and plays like his hair is on fire.

I've only become acquainted with Ji-Man during the Rays' playoffs this season, but what an impression he's made. He looks like he is always having fun. The smiles, the dancing (check out the Twitter account Ji-Man Choi Dancin), done while helping his team with his defense and bat. Also check out his LL Homer!

Jumbo Diaz vs Brooks Pounders

(Jumbo's last MLB game was in 2017, but since he's still playing in the Mexican League, I've left him on the list.) Jumbo joined the Reds after 13 years of professional baseball, enduring multiple surgeries while in the minors and spent only 4 years in the majors, but left enough of an impression to join the list of Chonks.

Brooks Pounders

We've only become acquainted this past season with Brooks, a RP with the Mets. He's been in the majors for 4 years, each year playing for a different team. I can't find too much on Brooks, but he has a Grade A name for a Chonk!

OK, who are your favorites here?


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