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Forbidden Love: Fernando Tatís, Jr.

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Forbidden Love is a Cubs DNA series where our staff waxes poetic about a player on a team other than the Cubs. Maybe even one you think they should hate. In this installment, Tina pours it on for San Diego Padre shortstop Fernando Tatís, Jr.

It's no surprise that we all love Fernando Tatís, Jr. He is crushing baseballs, and having the time of his life. Tatís Jr, also known as "El Niño", hails from the same area of the Dominican Republic as other baseball superstars - Johnny Cueto, Robinson Cano, Sammy Sosa, his father Fernando Tatís and the most beloved baseball icon in the DR, David Ortiz.

In 2015, the White Sox signed a 16 year old El Niño as an International signing, then traded him in 2016 for pitcher James Shields. Was this the White Sox version of trading away their Eloy? At that time, he was ranked 30th in his class, so who knew how good he could be?

Time will tell if he can keep up the numbers, but at the moment, his ranking for major stats: HR: (1st) 15 RBI: (1st) 39 R: (1st) 43 SLG (1st) .665 OPS: (1st) 1.063. He was also named NL's player of the month for July-August 2020.

Start your day by watching 5 minutes of dingers:

I personally love the mic'd up player games. El Niño sounds like he has a great attitude about the game.

His defense doesn't match his bat yet, but give him time (he's only 21!)!

But how about some swag with the base running to just get under the tag?

Tatís Jr. got a lot of press a couple of weeks ago when he hit a grand slam on a 3-0 pitch when his team was up 10-3, breaking some dumb unwritten rule... and he had to apologize for it! If you don't want him to hit, don't give him something to swing at. Nuff said.

Also, justice is being served.

Baseball needs the energy that comes from players like El Niño! Let the kids play!

UPDATED April 25, 2021:

I feel like I'll be updating this page quite a bit in the future! More recent feats from Nando!

A mind-blowing father/son comp!

Throwing Trevor Bauer some shaaaaade. For context, Bauer pitched with one closed eye during Spring Training against the Padres.

After hitting his 2nd homer of the night off Bauer, he emulated Bauer's WWE strut after crossing home plate.

The Dodgers ended up winning the game, but Tatís Jr. got the last laugh!

Stay tuned for more !


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