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Follow Up on Seth

It is my regret that I have to share some hard news with you today. Back on June 17th, we shared the story of Seth Bortscheller. Seth had a terrible bout with cancer, and unfortunately passed on June 24th. It was hard to believe that just a week after we ran the article, he was gone. It was a total gut punch to get that news. Cancer sucks.

Some of our followers did anonymously help by donating to Seth's Go-Fund-Me, and I had received several uplifting messages to pass along to the family.

As a tribute to Seth, his family began the "We Love You Seth" Instagram account, and have filled with with the personal messages they've received throughout this season. In spite of everything terrible going on in the world right now, this account filled me with hope. There were so many Cubs people that sent along messages. These guys don't have to care necessarily, but they do. Grab some Kleenex:

Looking through that image, you'll notice Chicago Cubs like Anthony Rizzo, Kyle Schwarber, Fergie Jenkins, Len Kasper, Jason Heyward, Albert Almora, David Ross, Jon Lester, Ian Happ, Aramis Ramirez, Steve Cishek, David Bote, Jon Jay, Edwin Jackson, and Tyler Chatwood. Basically half a baseball roster's worth of Cubs took time to send Seth and the Bortscheller family a touching personal message.

In addition to the Cubbies, there are lots of other non-Cub baseball guys who also joined in: Scott Schebler, Craig Stammen, Matt Wisler, Luke Jackson, Josh Lindblom, Jake Diekman, Ian Krol, Ian Desmond, Evan Longoria, Dan Uggla, HOFer Chipper Jones, CC Sabathia, Kolten Wong, Adeiny Hechavarria, Brandon Crawford, and Cole Tucker.

To all of the above guys, thank you for making a difference for a kid down on his luck. Thank you for taking the time to touch a few lives. It's almost overwhelming to see so many baseball names and faces piled together like that, and I can only imagine how uplifting it is to get all these messages.

For me personally, it was a thrill to get a DM with a Fergie Jenkins video just a day after our original article ran. It's uplifting to see people take action immediately.

While losing a 17 year old so quickly to aggressive cancer has to be among the worst in the world, seeing so many baseball guys come together to make an impact is something truly great. Life is a definite roller coaster.


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