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An Ode to Pedro Strop

Pic: Patrick Gorski/USA Today

I'm sure you've already heard that Pedro Strop has signed a one-year deal with the Cincinnati Reds. (REEEEEEDDDDDDDS!!!! GRRRR!!!) The Cubs were reportedly in on Strop earlier in the offseason, but ultimately Strop's $1.825 million deal, which includes incentives that could drive it up to $3.5 million, was likely higher than a Cubs FO looking to get younger in the bullpen was willing to go. We're happy Pedro is getting paid.

Regardless of what we think of this as a baseball move for the Cubs, we'll miss Stropy's energy, sense of style and love for his teammates. We wish him all the best with his new team... just, you know, not against the Cubs. With that, we offer this retrospective of some of Stropy's most fun moments with the Cubs.

Like that time the entire team decided to try and match Strop's impeccable sense of style. Spoiler alert: most failed miserably.

Or that time (one of many) Stropy helped Javy get his mind right.

Or the infamous prank on Jorge Soler (we'll miss that laugh!).

Then there's the #gunshow.

And of course, all of the GIF-able moments over the years.

Pedro Strop was one of the most underrated pitchers the Cubs have ever had on the roster, and his contributions won't be forgotten around these parts. We'll miss you, Pedro! #HatsToTheLeft4EVA.


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