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World Series Predictions: Astros and Nationals

The 2019 World Series is here! The favorite Astros versus the underdog Nationals.

World Series Schedule:

All Games starting at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central

Game 1, Oct. 22: Nationals at Astros

Game 2, Oct. 23: Nationals at Astros

Game 3, Oct. 25: Astros at Nationals

Game 4, Oct. 26: Astros at Nationals

Game 5, Oct. 27*: Astros at Nationals

Game 6, Oct. 29*: Nationals at Astros

Game 7, Oct. 30*: Nationals at Astros



Nationals in 6. The Nationals' rotation got plenty of rest after sweeping the Cardinals (yay), while the Astros burnt up a lot of energy putting down the Yankees. I think the Nationals are hungrier, and that Scherzer and Strasburg put it all on the line, possibly pitching 3 times each in this series. Corbin should be solid, but Anibal Sanchez's near no-hitter sets him up to be a deciding X-factor. The Astros won't go down easy, and it'll be a tight series.


Agree with Pronk that the Nats are hungrier. The pitching in this series should be amazing and I'm excited to see Crazy Max and all the veteran players putting it all out there for a ring. I'll take Nats in 7.


I think these teams are very evenly matched. Scherzer, Strasburg, and Corbin have the tiniest of advantage over Cole, Verlander, and Greinke but Houston has a better bullpen. I think the Houston lineup is deeper but the National have bigger 'studs'. I live in Houston, and like the team but the recent story about the Exec. harassing female sportswriters about Osuna is beyond disgusting. (Last minute edit. Their apology is even worse. Goodness) I think it goes down to game 7 with Howie Kendrick (and the power of the olds!) hitting a game-winner off Osuna.


Astros in 5. I am going against everyone because I like the Astros' starters better and their bullpen is much better as well. The Astros have the deeper bench, better starting position players. They have been here before so they know how to get the job done. There is a reason they won 107 games compared to the Nationals 93 wins. I will throw in an extra prediction and say Springer win the MVP for the series.


I'm taking the Nationals in 6. As good as the Astros are, they only have three legit playoff starters and Greinke struggles in the postseason. I look for the Nats and their four aces to get the better of the Astros lineup, with some help from Soto, Rendon and their speedsters at the top.


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