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Who's your least favorite Cub of all time?

The Cubs DNA team shares of their least favorite Chicago Cubs players of all time. Bad performers, headcases, and everything in between.


Milton Bradley. I was annoyed that he was the big offseason pickup for 2009. He nearly single-handedly brought that '09 team down with his terrible attitude and revolting play. The team went from a 98 win powerhouse to a rebuilding franchise during that year.


Addison Russell is low-hanging fruit, but sometimes you just have to pick what's right in front of you. Not only is he a complete disappointment as a player, but his domestic violence issues have been a distraction to the team and something the Cubs should've had no tolerance for.* Here's hoping that non-tender comes as swiftly as possible this winter.

*said not knowing what his ex asked the team to do, etc.


I want to say Addison Russell for all the above mentioned reasons, but he was at one time useful to the team. So I'd have to go with Milton Bradley. He was no fun at all and made 2009 a dead baseball year for me.


It's hard to pick anyone else when Addison Russell just makes me sick to my stomach.


Milton Bradley, LaTroy Hawkins, Alex freaking S. Gonzalez, but honestly Addison Russell takes the cake. If you choose to ignore the domestic violence, he is a below average hitter and his fielding took a step back this year. I, however, do not ignore the domestic violence he has committed. Even if he hit 1.000/1.000/4.000 and made every play under the sun, I still want him traded/cut/shot into the sun in no particular order. I do not believe in anything he says. To me he is just paying lip service to try and stay with the team.


Jeff freakin' Blauser. I was so stoked that the Cubs were finally getting a legit shortstop. I mean, he'd just hit .308.405.482 the year before in Atlanta. He came in and just totally stunk up the joint. He SLUGGED .299 for the Cubs. SLUGGED!!! Ugh. Pretty bad when the 160 lb 'One-Dog' out-slugs you. He was just the biggest disappoint for me more than anything. I mean, Milton Bradley was a giant d-bag but James already covered him.

Who is YOUR least favorite Cub of all time?


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