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Who is the NEW Cubs Manager?

Cubs DNA team posts their predictions and thoughts for the new Chicago Cubs Manager.

Who will it be? Mark Loretta, Joe Girardi, David Ross, Will Venable, Joe Espada, or someone else?


Favorite: Mark Loretta

Dark Horse: Will Venable

I think the Cubs are kicking tires on Joe Girardi and David Ross as a remote possibility. They are available and come with unique qualifications, so you'd have to interview them just in case, right? Theo tends to be one step ahead, and bringing Mark Loretta in last year was a move in anticipation of moving on from Joe. It seems like teams are pushing for ex-players who can be an extension of the front office, rather than colorful personalities. The Cubs might be late to this trend, but I think they are still trying to get on the train. I have a hunch that Loretta gets hired surprisingly quick.

If the Cubs hire Gabe Kaper (AKA Babe Kapler) I burn my Thed jersey. You don't go from Joe Maddon to the guy who brought in an RP without him warming up first.


Favorite: David Ross

Dark Horse: Mark Loretta

When the announcement that Maddon's contract wasn't being renewed first officially dropped, I felt like Loretta was the man the FO would go with due to his previous time with Hoyer in San Diego and his 2019 tenure as bench coach under Maddon. Since then, though, I've become more convinced that Ross will be the man to fill the void. If you've read his book, you know that he's can deliver the "tough love" behind the scenes, but he'll still be able to be the implementer the team is looking for to get more analytics into the day-to-day game plan while allowing guys like Baez and Contreras to keep the traits that make them great. If they don't go with Ross, I look for Loretta to get the call.


Favorite: David Ross

Dark Horse: someone else, maybe Espada

Except for actual coaching experience, it seems like Rossy fits the bill on what the FO wants: familiarity with players while pushing thru the FO's agenda, while being a charismatic and beloved figure with fans and the media. (Honestly, I forgot about Mark Loretta being a bench coach until for the time he was thrown out of a game late in the season.) If it's not Ross, the candidate may well be out there still.


Favorite: Joe Espada

Dark Horse: Mark Loretta

It's hard to argue with Mark Loretta being a favorite to take over for Joe Maddon. He was obviously a Jed Hoyer pick since their time overlapped in San Diego when Loretta was a special assistant and Hoyer was General Manager. But I think that the Cubs are going to want to bring in a manager from a winning culture they have to be envying: the Houston Astros. Joe Espada is a hot managerial candidate for a team that hasn't suffered a World Series Hangover. Plus he's from Puerto Rico and we know that the Cubs value bilingual capabilities.


Favorite: David Ross

Dark Horse: Joe Espada

I'll be perfectly honest, I actually wouldn't mind any of the names that have been thrown out there. Espada is definitely the hot name right now, but I'm not sure how great of a fit he would be. I'm not saying he would be bad, I just don't know enough about him. It seems like the FO wants someone they can influence and that would mean Girardi would appear low on their list. I can't really place my finger on it, but to me, if it ends up being Loretta it'll be a letdown. He might actually be a great manager but would feel like the backup to the backup option.


Favorite: David Ross

Dark Horse: Joe Espada

*Ctrl C* *Ctrl V* Matt's comments.

If the Cubs want to stick with an in-house guy I think it's Ross. A lot of the players are familiar with him and the FO knows exactly what they are getting in terms of personality. Ross has never managed a team before but he does have experience in leading a pitching staff so at least he has that small feather in his cap. Outside of him, if the Cubs go outside the organization then Espada is the guy in my opinion. He comes from a very data analytics driven organization so there should be no head-butting in that department. I also think there can be something said to bringing in a new and unique voice that the current players haven't heard. He might be my top pick over Ross but we shall see.


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