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What's Your Walk Up Song?

Here's the situation. Tom Ricketts just called you. You are in the Cubs lineup for tomorrow. The problem is, the AV guys need a walk-up song for you. They need a specific 30-second snippet of a song. You need to get them an answer in an hour, or they'll play "Baby Shark" for you.

What do you choose?

James: "Blow Away" Grateful dead, from Dozin at the Nick, March 1990. Specifically section 5:01-5:31, when keyboardist/vocalist Brent Mydland builds to jarring pause in the song. It's a fun and rousing song, and the lead up to the "WAIT A MINUTE" could be interactive for fans.

Matt: There's actually a few that I would rotate through, but the Battle Theme from Flash Gordon would have to be my #1 pick. The drums start off strong and then 7 seconds in Brian May hits you with the hard guitar riffs in classic Queen style. It never fails to give me goosebumps, it's fun, catchy as hell and as an added bonus my wife would roll her eyes so hard they might fall out of her head. :) Love you, dear.

Brooke: The first 30 seconds of Pink's song "Get The Party Started". which takes us to the lyric "We'll be looking flashy in our Mercedes Benz." I need everyone to get on their feet and hyped and it always makes me want to dance. Dancing is my nervous defense mechanism.

Tina: A tough exercise, but mine would be the opening 30 seconds of "Would" by Alice in Chains. The opening bass line is one of my favorites ever, and it gets me pumped up! (Staci, is this metal enough? :-D)

Staci: "Enemy," Sevendust from their Seasons album. Just push play and let John Connolly and Clint Lowery's rumbling riffs lead into Lajon Witherspoon's aggressive delivery of the lines, "Step up to me - Step up to me, you wanna be a big-time player - it's not to be!" Yeah, that's about all I'd need to get me pumped up for that big at-bat.

Steve: Oh this is a tough one. I think I'm going to go with Can't Stop by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. I love the intro to the song and then everything after that is just fantastic. If it only had to be 30 seconds though, I would just go with the intro. Also, I was torn between this and every Taylor Swift song so judge me as you will.

BONUS: Though he's not a part of the Cubs DNA team, we know that our friend Brett (no, not Bert) would absolutely pick this. :)


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