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We'll *sniff* Miss *tears* You *sob* Cole *weep* (Redux)

"See ya Chicago!"

Last month, Staci wrote of the Cubs declining to offer Cole Hamels a $17.8 million qualifying offer for the 2020 season, making him a free agent. Well, he is officially no longer a Cub, as the Atlanta Braves signed him a 1 year, $18 million dollar contract.

The girls of CubsDNA and all of #CubsTwitter (especially Mandy N) mourn the loss of the most handsome man in baseball. Let us remember him in Cubbie Blue:

Cole, we'll still buy what you're selling.

Will we still get to see this smile when we play the Barves?

Don't forget to help Freddie F-in' Freeman cover 1st base, Cole!

Playoff beard or clean shaven? I don't think there's a wrong answer.

Sparkles is sure to miss his handsome older brother.

Don't beat up on us too badly next season, okay Cole?


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