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Ugly Uniforms of the Late 70's: The Chicago White Sox

Just recently, I found a shoebox of baseball cards from my youth. I uncovered a lot of gems - Hall of Famers, current MLB managers and execs and a whole lot of random players from the 70's and early 80's. I also pulled out cards of former crushes, like these of Bucky Dent, former White Sox and Yankees World Series hero. He was pretty adorable in his day, but what I really noticed were the uniforms. The Cubs, for the most part, have had minimal color and design over the years, but the White Sox uniform changes were pretty drastic.

From left, card years were 1974 (home), 1975 (away), 1976 (away) and 1977 (away). The red and white pinstripes are pretty classic. I also didn't mind the powder blue and red away look.

This logo is also pretty sweet.

These were the home and away uniforms from 1976-1981. Look at Brian Downing's groovy sunglasses! These uniforms were downright ugly. Chris Sale thought so too.

These were also the uniforms that the Sox famously wore with shorts for a few games. It was another Bill Veeck novelty that got a lot of press. Eventually, their season faded along with the shorts.

Ralph Garr didn't miss leg days at the gym.

About the only good thing that came with those uniforms was this new logo, which they kept thru the 1990 season.

The new uniforms that came in 1982 were marginally better. Double knit and Sansabelt pants were the rage throughout the MLB during that era (see: Cubs baby blues).

Call me St. Louis boring, but I really do like the classic look of the present day White Sox black and white uniforms. I doubt Chris Sale would have destroyed these.

Tim Anderson pic courtesy of the Chicago White Sox

All logos in this article courtesy of


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