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Top Five Baseball Movies of All Time

Thank you to all whom participated in our baseball movie month series. As we had an ongoing poll for the entire month, we were able to get in many votes from our readers. We are excited to announce the top five baseball movies of all time.

  • Major League (55.6% of ballots)

  • Moneyball (55.6%)

  • League of Their Own (50%)

  • Field Of Dreams (50%)

  • Bull Durham (44.4%)

  • The Sandlot (44.4%)

It may seem a bit anticlimactic, but we have a two way tie for first place, with both Major League and Moneyball. It's fitting to have both a comedy and a drama tied at the top.

For 3rd/4th place, we had another tie between A League of Their Own and Field of Dreams.

Finally, we couldn't keep it to five movies as we had another tie between Bull Durham and The Sandlot. We'll allow it.

It's worth noting that each of these movies were on roughly half of each vote cast, giving them a slightly less than unanimous approach to the vote. Since we are not the baseball hall of fame, we are still prepared to declare these movies the winners.

As for all the movies we looked at this month:

Thank you for participating! Only 2 months until opening day!


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