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That Time I Caught A Homer

Every baseball fan has dreamed of catching a foul ball or a home run at a game. If you're a Cubs fan then you have also dreamed about that homer being hit by a Cub or an opposing player. Thankfully, the one time I caught a home run it was a Cub.

April 30, 2008 saw the Cubs hosting the Brewers. The Cubs would go on to win the game 19-5 and it was honestly over after the first inning. Future Rookie Of The Year, Geovany Soto, would hit two three-run homers and I just so happened to catch the first one he hit that night.

It was a chilly April night, and the wind was howling from left-to-right. My friends and I had bleacher seats so we sat near the left field foul pole because that was one of the few areas where we thought a homer could get hit. Sure enough Soto hit a screaming line drive and the ball just came slicing right to where we were sitting. I stuck out my glove (I know, I know) into the mini-sea of hands and caught the ball.

Here is the best video I can find of the play. It starts around 33:20, Bottom of the first, 2 on, 1 out.

A framed photo I have with the ticket to the game

The ball in its case

Top left part is where Soto made contact. No longer perfectly round.

It was one of the most thrilling experiences I have ever had. So many high fives and congratulations along with calling all of the Cubs fans I knew.


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