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Thank You Kyle Schwarber

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Pic: Chicago Tribune

As you may have heard, the Cubs non-tendered several players on Wednesday, including fan favorite Kyle Schwarber. There are roster, financials, reunion, and replacement details to unpack, but for now we just wanted to express our thanks for a Cubs legend. Schwarber hit a ton of home runs as a Cub, and will forever remain in Cubs lore. So today, we offer our thanks and appreciation to #12.

Pronk: One of my favorites. Typed words wouldn't be enough, so I made a Kyle Schwarber highlight video

Tina: Who didn't fall straight in love with Schwarber right away? My goodness, I hadn't seen a home run bat that exciting since Sammy. Oh my, that 2015 Wild Card game! Then on to the NLDS that year. I was there in person when he hit the Schwarboard home run against the Cards and it was the most exciting game I had ever been to. I was also at Game 2 of the World Series and saw him drive in a couple of runs on two clutch hits. Cleveland fans took note and started booing him when Schwarbs came to bat in subsequent innings. He was already a Legend in his first two seasons.

The next few seasons were pretty uneven, and I'll hate to see him leave, but we'll always have this Love Letter from Kyle.

Staci: After the Cubs won the World Series, it was a Kyle Schwarber jersey I chose to buy with the championship patch on it. I know Ben Zobrist won the WS MVP, but it was Schwarber who busted his tail to come back from his season-ending injury in such a miraculous fashion to contribute to the Cubs' win. They don't have that shiny piece of metal without him. Kyle Schwarber is my 12 year old daughter's favorite player--there's just something about him that she can relate to, maybe because of his exuberant energy on the field and in the dugout. I'd been preparing her that we could lose him from the team, and while she took it well, she's still sad. I'm still sad.

It doesn't matter where Kyle lands, because I'll still be a fan. My husband is a Yankees fan and would be more than happy if he winds up in a different flavor of pinstripes. Even if he goes to the Cardinals I'll still root for his success, because deep down he'll still be a Cub.

It wasn't just high... it was far. *sob*


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