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Series Review: Cubs V Marlins PLAYOFF EDITION

With 2020's oddities, 16 MLB teams plays a best of three series. The NL Central Champion Cubs took on the Marlins at Wrigley Field. Tragically, the bats went silent and the Cubs were swept.

Bingo didn't really work out, which happens when bats don't hit. (tears)

September 30th:

Cubs lose 1-5

Kyle Hendricks was cruising along until the 7th, when he gave up two quick singles, then a big 3 run homer to Dickerson. Then Jeffress came in and gave up his own 2 run homer.

Cubs bats were largely dormant, as Ian Happ had a solo home run in the 5th. That was it.

October 1st: Rain Out. Rob Manfred was hoping to get a baseball game in for Saturday (likely), and there was a no rain-rainout.

October 2nd:

Cubs Lose 0-2

Yu Darvish had a solid start, pitching shutout ball into the 7th. He then gave up a solo home run, a couple of hits, and that would be it.

The Cubs had a few chances to score, but didn't. It was not fun.

Sparklepants: 2-3 with Hurdle.

Sad ending, but at least we had a season! Back in May, none of this could have happened.


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