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Round Table: The Offseason

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

How good are the Cubs DNA writers at predicting the offseason?

What is the one move the Cubs will definitely make?

Will Chicago trade Ian Happ or Addison Russell this offseason? (Courtesy

Steve: I think this is the season the Cubs trade Ian Happ. Still has a lot of promise but he needs consistent playing time.

Matt: I think Heyward, Happ, Russell, and Alzolay all get moved. Alzolay can't stay healthy enough to stay in the rotation, maybe another team is dreaming on the stuff. Which leads me to my shocker, Cubs trade Willson in a blockbuster. Mills and Chatwood are the 5th starter.

Brooke: The leadoff spot has been too sore for too long. And the last time they had a leadoff hitter he was also a starting Outfielder (Dex). I think they BOTH sign a leadoff hitter AND finally sign a starting OF in the offseason (not sure they are the same person though!)

Staci: One of Willy or Victor will be traded. Both catchers are major league caliber starters, and keeping them both doesn't make sense if they can use one of them to fill a greater need.

Tina: Happ most likely gets traded. Please make Russell go away. I think they trade Willy rather than Vic, especially if Darvish doesn't opt-out.

James: Happ for pitching.

What is the one move the Cubs will definitely not make?

Keep your hands off KB! (Courtesy: Getty Images)


Matt: The Cubs will not trade Bryant or Schwarber, nor will they sign Gerrit Cole. If anything they make a run at Rendon.

Staci: Kyle Schwarber is staying put. Forget the "He's an AL player!!!" stuff... we finally saw him leveling up in the second half of the season, the FO clearly loves him, and he is a passable to decent defender. He's not going anywhere.

Tina: The Cubs are not trading KB, Rizz, Javy & Schwarber. I think those are the 4 untouchables.

James: They aren't trading Bryant to add Rendon. Period.

Brooke: I'm just gonna write: "SEE ALL THE ABOVE".

What is Joe Maddon doing on Opening Day 2020?

Halo Joe? (Courtesy: Getty Images)

Steve: I think Joe is going to be replacing current Angels' manager Brad Ausmus. He returns to the place where he first kicked off his coaching career and gets to manage Trout, Ohtani, and...

Matt: I want him to stay in Chicago, but like Phteven said I think he ends up with the Halos.

Staci: He won't be in Chicago, and I agree he could very well be in Anaheim. I'd love to see him be the guy who takes Trout to the postseason.

Brooke: I'd like to see managing the Angels, Padres or the Phillies (selfishly since I live on the East Coast).

Tina: Joe to the Angels would be an interesting move, but I see San Diego as a possibility too. I can see him & Tatis Jr. developing a bond that I see Joe & Willy having. Speaking of Willy, might we see him get moved to SD for a bunch of prospects?

James: managing somewhere. If Theo wants him back, it's with Chicago. Otherwise San Diego Or Miami Marlins.

Who could replace Joe Maddon as Cubs manager?

Grandpa Rossy to the Rescue? (Courtesy:

Steve: I could see David Ross. If not him then I think they go to someone from outside the organization.

Matt: The easy pick is Ross and it wouldn't shock me. It's not going to be Girardi or Loretta. Maybe they steal Ricky Renteria from the White Sox?

James: If the Cubs move on from Maddon, I suspect they get a first time manager. Ross is a popular name, but I suspect Mark Loretta. My dark horse pick is Tommy Hottovy.

Brooke: Everyone is expecting a beloved former Cubs catcher to become the new I'll go with the trend and say, yep, I think John Baker is the next Cubs manager!

Staci: I think they'll definitely go the Yankees route and hire an "implementer" rather than a manager. Someone who can implement the FO's strategy and manage the clubhouse. I look for them to hire Loretta or Ross to be that guy.

Tina: This one is the hardest for me. I suspect Joe Girardi will get a call, but I can't see him being a good fit. I only know it will not be Clint Hurdle! haha

Where will Gerrit Cole sign?

You think I want to leave Houston? (Couresty:

Steve: I think the Angels get him. They have the best player in the game, one of the most exciting young player's in Ohtani, and I think they make a big splash to go along with getting Joe Maddon to be the manager.

Matt: Cole stays with the Astros. Damn it.

Staci: The Yankees need him badly. I think they'll finally open up the wallet and spend on Cole, especially if they come up short again this postseason because of their pitching.

Tina: I think the Astros will end up keeping Cole.

Brooke: Whoever doesn't win the World Series will sign Cole in the offseason to create a splash.

James: Tough to tell because anyone needing a top of the line starter will be in on him. Astros, Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, and Phillies are the first wave. Other teams could include Reds, Brewers, Dodgers, Rangers, Diamondbacks. Anyone with money really.

Where will Anthony Rendon sign?

Is Chicago big enough for two Anthonys? (Courtesy:

Steve: I think Rendon is staying with the Nationals. It would be tough to lose back-to-back top players in the league especially when the team shows promise with its young offensive talent.

Matt: If the Cubs can't pry him away, he stays in DC.

Staci: The Nationals will make Rendon their big-money position player and keep him in the fold.

Brooke: If the Nationals do well this postseason I can't see them letting Rendon walk. But my spoiler pick is the San Franciso Giants. Their only top 30 third baseman is 19 years old. The Giants might decide that they want to get competitive again and Rendon would be the perfect starter piece.

Tina: Rendon stays with the Nats.

James: Tough to see the Nationals letting him go.


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