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Round Robin: Top 3 Movies, Inspired by The Compound

Inspired by "The Compound" Podcast, we've each decided to list our top 3 movies so we can prove that we have better cinematic taste than professional baseball players. In case you missed it, The Compound is a new podcast from Ian Happ, Dakota Mekkes, Zack Short, and Nico Hoerner, which you should most definitely check out. It's a bunch of dudes in their 20s doing bro things while stuck in their shared house during the COVID-19 shelter-in-place, but they also play baseball and sometimes have awesome guests like Jon Lester. It's highly entertaining!

In episode 7, they started a new segment called "Top 3." The Top 3 for this week were movies, and unfortunately, they picked a bunch of movies like one would expect from guys who were in their early 20s. We got to talking about it and our shared disappointment that the Compound's oldest movie was Happy Gilmore (1996), so we knew we could do better and picked out our top 3 movies. #NoDisrespectToTheCompound

Pronk: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Back to The Future, Die Hard

Matt: Aliens, Animal House, Star Wars

Tina: Full Metal Jacket, The Bicycle Thief, Chinatown or Sunset Boulevard (can't decide)

Brooke: When Harry Met Sally, Some Like It Hot, Bringing Up Baby

Staci: Raising Arizona, The Princess Bride, The Silence of the Lambs

Steven: Apollo 13, The Dark Knight, 22 Jump Street

What's your top 3?


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