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Needs More Metal II: Songs for the Newbies

Mosh piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

You might remember my first pass at this, where I picked new, more... shall we say... aggressive walk up music for some of our favorite Cubs. That was way back when we first started this here venture, so I thought I might try again--this time, I picked a few of our new Cubs players for a metal makeover.

Jason Kipnis

Current walk-up music: "Thief," Ookay

Metal Makeover Version: "Dirty Black Summer," Danzig

Northbrook native Jason Kipnis will one day get to play in front of a packed Wrigley Field, hopefully this summer, and when he does the man nicknamed "Dirtbag" should walk out to one of the baddest, most doom-inducing riffs in metal ever.

Jeremy Jeffress

Current entrance music: "Mo Bamba," Sheck Wes

Metal Makeover Version: "Divine Defector," Death Angel

Honestly, I couldn't think of anything more perfect than former Milwaukee Brewer Jeffress entering a game against his former squad to a song about defecting from one side to another during a holy war against mankind by a giant pack of bloodthirsty wolves. For extra spice the term "Cardinal sin" is in the lyrics. It's like fate!

Steven Souza Jr.

Current walk-up music: "Coming In Hot," Lecrae

Metal Makeover Version: "On My Side," Demon Hunter

Souza's one of those Jesus-y types like... oh hey, me! So I'm going to respect his walk-up music preferences here and give him some Demon Hunter. They're heavy, they're thought-provoking, and with lyrics like, "Where is the enemy? I can feel no bite. Where is the enemy when death is on my side?" they're perfectly ripe for killer entrance music.

Casey Sadler

Current entrance music: Unknown

Metal Makeover Version: "Whatever Haunts You," Taddy Porter

If you don't follow new Cubs reliever Casey Sadler (or, #HotDadler as we've come to know him) on social media, I'm here to tell you that he is ADORABLE. So much dad energy, so approachable, always interacting with the fans. Seriously--he is too cute! He's also from Oklahoma, and as someone whose family tree is stacked with Okies I can totally relate. His musical preferences unsurprisingly lean country, so I'm gonna ease him into this and give him fellow Okies and excellent blues hard rockers Taddy Porter.

So there you have it... new walk-up music for four of our newest Cubs. Because everyone could always use a little more metal.


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