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Movie review: Cubs 2016 World Series Documentary

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

As a part of me missing baseball, I finally sat down to watch the 2016 World Series documentary. Narrated by Vince Vaughn and featuring interviews from tons of players, it's an excellent retelling of one of the greatest baseball stories of all time, the 2016 World Series.

The story begins as Game 7 of the World Series is going into it's famous rain delay. It then rewinds into the lead into the series, and then goes through it game by game. Vince Vaughn narrates, and there are interviews with most of the players: Zobrist, Rizzo, Bryant, Chapman, Maddon, among others.

It's put together very well. The pacing is solid and dramatic. There are lot of little details reconstructed so it's as if you were back in those moments watching those games all over again. You might know how the story ends, but you remember just how tense and how close some of those games were.

As a Cubs fan, it's a must watch, especially a few years removed from from the Championship. It'll take you right back to all those tense moments all over again. It is an excellent time capsule to one of the greatest sports moments we will ever witness. Check it out on Amazon Prime!


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