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Minor League Monday: New Orleans Nightmare Fuel

For a few years, the New Orleans minor league baseball team had an off name. Known as the Zephyrs for many years, they opted to change their name to the "Baby Cakes" before 2017. Odd, but whatever, it works I suppose? I call my wife babycakes when I'm trying to enduringly annoying. Apparently it is a real thing:

The name Baby Cakes comes from a traditional delicacy called a king cake, which is essentially a sugary bread with purple, green, and yellow icing. The three colors represent royalty (purple), faith (green), and gold (yellow), as well as the biblical three kings who brought gifts to baby Jesus on the 12th day of Christmas. King cakes, which have come to be associated with Mardi Gras, traditionally have baked into them a small plastic baby, which to many represents baby Jesus.

Anyways, the team went from the Zephyrs to the Baby Cakes, and this became their logo:

There's a lot of funny quirky minor league teams, and the Baby Cakes were one of them. Now the unfortunate thing was that the Baby Cakes decided to base this new branding off the NBA's New Orleans Pelican's mascot, King Baby.

Pausing for you to think about what that mascot looks like. When ready, scroll down:

Off-putting isn't quite strong enough of a word to describe King Baby. But wait, there's more.

The horror... the horror.....



After 2019, the team relocated to Wichita and became the "Wind Surge." New Orleans lobbied to get another team to become the new Baby Cakes, but due to the pandemic, the effort ultimately failed. Darn.

I believe King Baby lives on as the Pelican's mascot. But I dare not look it up.

Sleep tight tonight!



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