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Minor League Monday: Economic Outlook

About a year ago, I had the pleasure to interview Joe Hart, the president of the South Bend Cubs. Last week, he appeared on an episode of WNIT's Economic Outlook.

There's a full half hour episode that delves very deep into the changes made at the minor league level. Joe Hart comes in for the second half. During his section, he has some very encouraging things to share.

  1. South Bend has a partnership with the Chicago Cubs through 2030.

  2. South Bend has a lease on their stadium until 2041.

South Bend is going to be a part of the Cubs family for a long time! I will be making my inaugural trip this year, and look forward to many trips.

Joe also shared quite a bit about the outlook for this upcoming this year. It was a bit of a sales pitch, but was very encouraging. The team is focused on providing the best experience for fans. They had a few events last year to give them a rehearsal for social distancing and safety. They aren't going to hold back when it comes to doing special things, like firework shows. As a franchise well known for their commitment to customer service, this is very encouraging to me as a fan. A lot of restaurants and recreational outlets have had to slash their output out of necessity. It's nice to hear that the South Bend Cubs aren't focused on pinching pennies. Going all out, that has me sold on making a trip to Indiana.

Who wants to join me?


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