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Minor League Monday: Christmas Shopping with Cubs Affiliates

In doing some of my Christmas shopping, I've found some really cool Cubs gear from Cubs minor league affiliates team stores. Today, I wanted to pass it along to you so that your Christmas shopping is extra inspired, but also so that some of your purchases help support a smaller business (rather than a mega conglomerate). Happy Shopping!

The Emeralds have a couple of holiday gift bundles going. Packages for Beer lovers, stocking stuffers, and the Los Monarcas are available. They even have some cool Christmas themed jerseys as well!

The South Bend Cubs have a pretty thorough Christmas section, with holiday themed socks, ornaments, hats, stockings, etc. The thing that really caught my eye is this bobblehead pack: for $60, you get a random bobblehead, shirt, hat, and mystery gift. There's only 25 available, so shop fast!

The Pelicans have always had a pretty deep reaching store. While they don't have any Christmas themed items/packages, they did just add Obvious Shirts to their wardrobe, and it goes well with their 2020 unflockingbelieveable line. My favorite is their recent added Pelican Pirate themed hat. That logo is solid!!

The Smokies have a "bear necessities box." For $100, you get a $160 value of one shirt, one hat, one novelty, three ballpark specials, and free shipping.

Right now they are running a buy 2, get 1 free deal on all caps. No code required. They've got about 50 different hats to choose from.

The AAA Iowa Cubs are running the best sale among all the affiliates. Until December 15th, you can save 25% off your entire purchase with the coupon code "HOLIDAY." They don't have any Christmas themed merchandise, but have probably the biggest store among all 5 affiliates. Hats, shirts, hoodies, jerseys, balls, cards, bobbleheads, etc. etc. etc. They have a ton of stuff and lots of variety, so you can knock out a few baseball fans off your list in one swoop!

Happy Shopping!!!



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